Last year, my annual winter depression was really bad. I dealt with it the way I always do and tried hard to shop myself happy. Now, logically, I know shopping can’t cure Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but during the winter of 2019 I wasn’t logical, I was a big old mess. I clicked Add to Cart with abandon, while I used my sun lamp, took my antidepressants, and popped vitamins like they were going out of style. But nothing helped, no matter how many items were in my imaginary shopping cart — what, you didn’t think I bought anything did you?

And then, something magical happened one frigid afternoon when I walked into Island View, a Lilly Pulitzer signature store in Oakville. Colourful, tropical prints assaulted my eyes and I was transported back to sunny afternoons in Charleston, spent with my favourite southern belles, my aunt and cousin. Clearly, I needed more Lilly in my life. So, while the frozen skeletal forest taunted me through my kitchen window, I put my journalistic training to good use and researched all things tropical on Pinterest and Google, even décor. And that’s when I stumbled across Flo.

flamingo lamp from Rockett St. George helps my seasonal affective disorder SAD
Antique gold flamingo lamp, image courtesy of Rockett St. George

Flo is a beautiful brass flamingo lamp with a pink ombré shade (£135) — and the minute I saw her, I knew she must be mine. Impulsively, I clicked Add to Cart and this time, I didn’t stop there. I completed that purchase! I put my sketchy math education to work and calculated the currency conversion, realizing that if we ate only toast and peanut butter for a few months, I could totally afford both Flo and her flight to Canada.

My mood continued to be in the toilet during Flo’s long migration. I hibernated and avoided social interactions while I occupied my messy mind with designing a family room worthy of my fabulous new pet. Aside from the tiny heart attack I had when I realized that Flo’s giant British plug wouldn’t fit in to my electrical outlet, she didn’t disappoint. As soon as my husband saved the day with his trusty travel plug converter and I lit her up, I fell in love.

So what if it’s drizzling outside? Who cares that it’s getting colder and I dug out my bulky, beige SunTouch Plus sun lamp ($71.59) this morning, so I could start my light therapy for SAD? I can see Flo out of the corner of my eye as I write this post and she is absolutely beautiful. Flo the antique gold table lamp, transports me to warm sunny days and brings a whole new meaning to mood lighting. She has been lighting up my family room and my mood since I plugged her last spring and she will for many years to come.

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