If you know me at all, you probably also know my favourite food in the whole wide world is cake. You see, cake is my favourite and my best. I would eat cake every. damn. day, if could. And if I didn’t know firsthand that doing so would result in a very large waistline. But for me, waistlines aside, the recipe for happiness can be found inside a cake, preferably a chocolate one.

Most of the time my waistline is safe. I can drive past Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery without screeching to a halt to buy/devour three minis (one of each of the following, in case you were wondering: the prince, bananas for butterscotch and the princess.) So, yay me — what willpower! To live five minutes away from the most delicious cupcakes in the world and NOT eat them ALL is truly an amazing feat. Non?

recipe for happiness icing
The recipe for happiness is chocolate icing

The tricky part of my recipe

The only problem is that every 28 days or so, I get PMS. And when I have PMS I am a moody bitch. A moody bitch who will eat anything chocolate, vanilla or cakey that is not tied down. Actually, TBH when I said my favourite food is cake, I was kind of lying. My favourite food is actually icing. I was afraid you’d think I was weird if I told you the truth. But since we’re such good friends, I’ll let you in on a little secret; the recipe for happiness is chocolate icing.

Don’t judge me

Hey now, listen up Miss Judgey-McJudgey-pants, I know what you’re thinking. “That’s not the recipe for happiness, that’s just a sugar addiction — you shouldn’t eat that crap, just don’t have it in the house.” Ya, you think you’re so smart! But my hormones are way smarter than you. And they always seem to buy icing sugar when we’re at the grocery store.

So, tonight I gave in to said hormones and I ate chocolate icing. Just the icing, minus the cake. And you know what? I am very happy now because it was good. Really, really good. And I was only mildly embarrassed when my husband looked at me accusingly and said “Are you eating a bowl of icing? That’s gross. Apparently icing is also a natural form of birth control. Who knew? Maybe I should market that.

Do you have cyclical food cravings? What food do you turn to when you’re feeling moody? What’s your poison?

Recipe for happiness icing

1 TBSP of softened butter

1/2 TBSP of coco powder

1/2 cup icing sugar

About 1 TBSP of milk or hot water

Cream together all three ingredients and add enough liquid to make the mixture smooth and icingy good. Eat with a spoon or use as a dip for strawberries if you’re on a health kick.

** Editor’s note: I just re-read the above post and I’m a tiny bit disgusted in myself. I think I should go to hot yoga tomorrow.

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