What’s the best skincare line for sensitive skin? Funny you should ask. I’ve been cheating on my sensitive skin lately, looking for something a little cheaper that worked just as well as Dermalogica — and today’s the day I have to pay the piper. You see, in my heart I know that Dermalogica’s Ultracalming line is the best skincare line for sensitive skin but I ignored this fact — and to put it mildly, my skin is NOT happy!

But Dana, you’re thinking, isn’t this a blog about depression? Why the heck are you ranting about skincare? Because taking care of my skin is part of my self-care. Too often women try to practice self-care, only to forget about their physical and emotional needs the second their massage is over, or the car pulls into the driveway after a weekend away. But self-care means taking care of myself every day, not just once in a while. After all, how can a depressionista be truly happy when her skin is freaking out?

Learning my lesson

You see, I ran out of my Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser ($55) and Barrier Repair ($65) a few weeks ago and I’ve been just been cleansing with whatever makeup remover wipes are on sale at Shopper’s Drugmart and moisturizing with some oil the cosmetician there recommended for sensitive skin but it’s kind of stingy and it doesn’t smell very good.

My skin is not this happy

To be fair, it was Christmas time and I was practically bleeding cash. That’s why I tricked myself into believing that my skin wasn’t that sensitive and it didn’t really need the best sensitive skincare money can buy. But I learned the hard way that while drugstore brands may be kind to my wallet, they are cruel my complexion. With a quick and mighty bitch-slap, my face was forced to fight back: sensitivity, pimples, dullness, nothing was off limits. Not even *gasp* wrinkles.

“How can a depressionista be truly happy when her skin is freaking out?”

– moi

The thing about Dermalogica Ultracalming products

When will I learn? My skin is like a little emo girl whose parents just don’t understand her, so sensitive. Skin doesn’t care that I need to pare down my spending — it just wants to be loved. The pimple on my jaw (that probably needs its own postal code) and its kid sister on my neck, are proof of that. Nope, as far as my redness-prone, sensitive dermis is concerned, cheaper is never better.  

Dermalogica’s Ultracalming — the best skincare line for sensitive skin

You see, 16 years ago, my skin and I made a deal. I agreed to take care of it twice a day, every day, with Dermalogica’s complete Ultracalming product line ($55-$106) and it agreed to be calm, clear and generally awesome. But that was back in the olden days when I worked as a beauty editor (that’s code for I got my Dermalogica for free.) I have to pay for it now and it hurts. But it’s so, so good. When I feel my face get red and burny, I know relief is just a spritz of Ultracalming Mist ($52) away. I haven’t tried the new Ultracalming Serum Booster ($106) but I think I’m going to have to — I mean, my skin is SO mad.

The best skincare for sensitive skin

And so, with a humbled heart and zitty face that I present the very best skincare for sensitive skin I’ve ever tried — and as a former beauty editor, I’ve tried a bunch. Dermalogica is pricey but when my skin is angry, I’m bummed out.

Grade: A+

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